Brookline Community Aging Network


Restrooms in committed restaurants

Some restaurants have agreed to make their restrooms available to BrooklineCAN members even when they are not customers. We invited all restaurants in Brookline to commit themselves for a year to providing restroom access to our members. In inviting participation, we were joined by the Brookline Department of Public Health and the Brookline Economic Development Division. Only the restaurants listed here made that commitment. The participating restaurants are listed below with information about their location.

We encourage you to patronize these restaurants.

We recommend that you carry your membership card with you. When you ask to use a restroom, you may be asked to show your membership card.

When you have lunch at Cognac Bistro on Mondays or Tuesdays, you are eligible for a discount as a BrooklineCAN member.

We also urge other restaurants to join in making their restrooms available to our members. We look forward to adding their names to our list.

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