Brookline Community Aging Network


Finding a restroom in other commercial buildings

Many businesses make restrooms available to the public even though they do not make a commitment to doing so.

Large, counter-service restaurants that feature coffee or sandwiches are the best bets for finding one of these restrooms. Several coffee chains have multiple locations in Brookline. All are open continuously from the early morning until late in the evening. All have easily identified restrooms that are immediately visible from the main customer-service area. Usually, the restrooms are open. Visitors can go directly to the restrooms without seeking permission from an employee. (Employees are too busy behind the counter to monitor routine use of restrooms by customers.)

Some other businesses have open restrooms that are easily found. In Trader Joe’s grocery in Coolidge Corner, for example, the rest rooms doors are on a ramp near the back door. Brookline’s two hotels also have restrooms in their public areas.

Other businesses have restrooms outside of the customer service area but provide access when asked. In a pharmacy in Coolidge Corner, for example, we asked a pharmacist who immediately directed us through a door to a corridor leading to a restroom.

In these commercial establishments, you can use the restroom without making a purchase. However, we recommend that you make at least occasional purchases at these restaurants and the other commercial enterprises when you use their restrooms regularly.