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Age Friendly Cities program

In December 2012, Brookline was accepted as a member of the World Health Organization's international network of "Age Friendly" cities. In March 2016 the WHO network included 287 cities and communities in 33 countries covering over 155 million people. Brookline was the ninth municipality in the United States and the first in New England to join the network.

The Brookline Age Friendly City initiative is collaboration among the Town of Brookline, the Brookline Council on Aging, and BrooklineCAN. The initiative is guided by a Selectmen’s committee co-chaired by Selectman Nancy Heller, Council on Aging director Ruthann Dobek, and BrooklineCAN co-chair Frank Caro. For more information, .


BrooklineCAN co-founders, Frank Caro and Ruthann Dobek, present a framed certificate to the Board of Selectmen of Brookline's acceptance to the WHO (World Health Organization) Age Friendly initiative.

The photo includes from Left to Right: Betsy DeWitt, Board Chair; Frank Caro, co-founder BrooklineCAN (Brookline Community Aging Network); Mel Kleckner, Brookline Town Administrator; RuthAnn Dobek, co-founder BrooklineCAN and Director Brookline Council on Aging; Dick Benka, Brookline Selectman, Nancy Daly, Brookline Selectman; and Ken Goldstein, Brookline Selectman. Photo credit: Carol Caro.

What is an Age Friendly City?

Read the World Health Organization's Checklist of Essential Features of Aged-friendly Cities


Age Friendly Cities TV

The Town's Age Friendly Cities committee is offering a series of TV shows with the help of the Brookline Interactive Group.

Matt Weiss
Michael Allen
John Seay
Past Producers:
Roberta Winitzer,
Shirley Selhub,
Cornelia Andrus
Past Graphics:
Henry Winkelman

In May, 2017, Brookline Interactive Group presented its Show of the Year award to Age Friendly Cities TV.

Episode 22. 6/5/2019. Marijuana

Officer Michael Disario
Community Service Officer
Brookline Police Department
Main/Non-emergency: 617-730-2222
Emergency: 911
Other numbers
Dr. Swannie Jett, DrPH
Director of Health and Human Services
Brookline Health Department

Episode 21. 3/5/2019. A Legislator's Perspective

Brookline State Representative Tommy Vitolo
617-722-2525 (office)
617-872-8921 (cell)
State House Room B2 (for now!)
Office hours:
always happy to make an appointment in Brookline or at State House. Also some scheduled times . . .

Episode 20. 1/10/2019. Brookline Police Department

Guests: Chief Andrew Lipson
 Community Service Officer Michael Disario
Links: Brookline Police Department
Phones: Main/Non-emergency: 617-730-2222
 Other numbers
Address: 350 Washington Street
Brookline, MA 02445
Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 19. 11/8/2018. Property Tax Relief

Guests: Brookline Assessor's Department617-730-2060
 Karen Keaney, Assistant AssessorBrookline Assessor's Department617-730-2060
  Brookline Senior Center617-730-2770
Links: FY 2019 Property Database. November 8 announcement
 FY 2018 Condominium Sales Map Brookline Council on Aging
 FY 2018 Single and Multi-Family Sales Map

Tax Workoff Program:

  • Brookline Senior Center
  • Assessor's Office
  • Brookline Public Library
  • Community Planning
  • Brookline Adult and Community Education
  • Community Outreach at Putterham Library
  • Friends of Brookline Library
  • Brookline Public Schools

  Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 18. 9/20/2018. Chief John F. Sullivan, Brookline Fire Department

Host:Matt Weiss
Executive Producer:Shirley Selhub
Co-producers:Cornelia Andrus, Roberta Winitzer
Director:Corbin Reidel
Graphics:John Seay

 Fire Department Web Page
    Find us on Facebook
    Follow us on Twitter

Phone: 617-730-2272
Fax: 617-730-2723
Emergency: 911

John F. Sullivan, Fire Chief
Keith Flaherty, Chief of Operations
350 Washington St.
Brookline, MA 02445

Regular Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 17. 6/6/2018. Food Insecurity Resources in Brookline

Host:Matt Weiss
Executive Producer:Shirley Selhub
Co-producer:Cornelia Andrus
Director:Corbin Reidel
Graphics:John Seay
Guests:Elizabeth Boen, Executive Director Brookline Food Pantry617-800-5339
 Patricia Burns, Volunteer CoordinatorBrookline Senior Center Food Pantry617-730-2743
 Meghan Ostrander, Nutrition DirectorSpringwell617-926-4100
Director:Corbin ReidelBrookline Interactive Group617-731-8566
Links:Community Dining in Brookline Home-Delivered Meals

All three organizations need volunteers and financial donations. The aim is to ensure everyone in the community who needs help comes to one or more of these organizations. Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 16. 3/29/2018. Pedestrians and Bicycles

Host:Matt Weiss
Executive Producer:Shirley Selhub
Co-producer:Cornelia Andrus
Director:Corbin Reidel
Graphics:John Seay
Guests:John L. BowmanBicycle Advisory Committee
 David TrevvettPedestrian Advisory Committee
Director:Corbin ReidelBrookline Interactive Group
Link:Complete Streets Task Force

Click here to view on YouTube.

Cornelia Andrus
Shirley Selhub
Matt Weiss

Episode 15. 2/8/2018. Cheryl Anne Snyder and Sophie Gordon on Emergency Preparedness. Health Department: 617-730-2300. Emergency Preparedness Buddies Program: 617-730-2304. Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 14. 11/29/2017. The 14th Age Friendly Cities (AFC-TV) program introduced and welcomed the new Health Commissioner of Brookline, Dr. Swannie Jett.

Shirley Selhub
Matt Weiss
Henry Winkelman
Cornelia Andrus
Roberta Winitzer


Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 13. 9/7/2017. Guests talk about two events in September: BrooklineCAN’s Annual Meeting and Brookline Day.
Roberta Winitzer, Chair, Council on Aging
Sara Nelson, Coordinator, Brookline Day, Brookline Recreation Department.

Host:Matt Weiss
Executive Producer:Shirley Selhub
Graphics:Henry Winkelman
Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 12. 5/3/2017. The Nancy "Daly Show" celebrating Nancy Daly's retirement from the Board of Selectmen after 12 very productive years. Show locations include the Senior Center and Runkle Elementary. Surprise guests include Neil Wishinsky, Frank Caro, Ruthann Dobek and Roberta Winitzer.. Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 11. 3/23/2017. Volunteer program supported by the Brookline Senior Center. Guests are Volunteer Coordinator Patricia Burns and Student Coordinator of the SHOP program Nick Brown. Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 10. 1/26/2017. Introduction to a future series on housing for seniors in Age Friendly Brookline. Guest Len Fishman, Director of the Gerontology Institute of UMASS Boston Graduate School of Policy and GlobalMeet Studies. Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 9. 11/17/2016. Saralynn Allaire, Chair of the Brookline Commission on Disability

Contact information for resources for Brookline Residents with Disabilities:

  • Brookline ADA Coordinator: , 617-730-2345
  • Reduced fare Brookline taxi coupons: Brookline Elder Taxi System coordinator Alicia Ebrat, 617-730-2740,
  • Brookline Commission on Disability: , 617-730-2345,
  • Playground equipment suitable for children with different levels of ability: Brookline Recreation Department, 617-730-2069,
  • New England ADA Center: 7-800-949-4232,
  • Boston Center for Independent Living (BCIL): 617-338-6665, 617-338-6662 (TTY),
  • Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (Mass Rehab or MRC): 1-800-245-4563,
  • Disability Law Center of Massachusetts: 1-800-872-9992,
  • Massachusetts Architectural Access Board: 617-727-0660,
Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 8. 9/22/2016. Neil Wishinsky, Chair of the Board of Selectmen

  Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 7. 6/30/2016. Erin Gallentine, Director of Parks and Open Space
Brookline Parks & Open Space Web Site Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 6. 4/14/2016. TRIPPS Transportation Advisory Program for 60+ year-olds. Guest: Kerri Ann Tester, Program Director.
Phone: 617-30-2644. Website: Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 5. 2/11/2016. Brookline Public Libraries. Guests: Sara Slymon, Library Director, and Hank Sway, Assistant Library Director of Technology. Library web site: - contains links to the web sites mentioned in the video. Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 4. 11/23/2015. Guest: Chris Chanyasulkit.

  Click here to view on YouTube.

Episode 3. 10/15/2015. STRAITS (Senior Transportation Resources Advice Information Training Support). In November 2015 STRAITS was renamed TRIPPS (Transportation Resources, Information, Planning, and Partnership for Seniors). Guest: Shirley Selhub.

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Episode 2. 5/28/2015. Discussion with Melissa Battite, Brookline Recreation Department, and John Dempsey, Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Roberta Winitzer, Executive Producer
Matt Weiss, Host
Henry Winkelman, Creative Click to view on YouTube

Episode 1. 4/23/2015. Round table discussion with Age Friendly Committee Chairs Frank Caro and Nancy Daly. Click to view on YouTube