Brookline Community Aging Network


Age-friendly Business Database

This page is only for people who have the username and password needed to add and change records in the Age-friendly Business database.

This link should take you to the cPanel logon page. Enter username and password. You should immediately go to our phpMyAdmin page. If that happens, skip the next step.

If you see the cPanel page instead of phpMyAdmin, scroll down to "Databases" and select "phpMyAdmin".

Then click the plus-sign next to "Age-Friendly-businesses" and the plus-sign next to "Tables".

Then click "business_info"

You should see the table with all the information. To change anything, click the "edit" button next to the row you want to edit.

You can use several methods to find the record you want. This line appears at the top and bottom.

To add a new record, press the "insert" button at the top.

When done adding or changing a record, press the "go" button. Sometimes there's a "save" button instead.

Once you press the "go" button, your changes should be immediately visible on this page. Don't forget to refresh the page if it's already open.