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Finding a Restroom in Brookline

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For people on the go, finding a restroom on a timely basis can be essential. Locating a restroom that is open to the public can be a challenge. Fortunately, restrooms can be found in many places in Brookline. This guide is designed to provide help in finding a restroom in three ways:

  1. Identifying public buildings and parks with restrooms
  2. Listing restaurants committed to providing restroom access to BrooklineCAN members
  3. Providing strategies for finding a restroom in restaurants and other commercial establishments that have not formally committed themselves to making their restrooms available to the public.

The guide was prepared by BrooklineCAN’s Livable Community Advocacy Committee. In part, the committee calls attention to features that make Brookline a highly livable community. The committee received assistance with this project from the Brookline Department of Public Health and the Division of Economic Development.


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