Brookline Community Aging Network


Support Services

"Elder Resource Guide" - The purple book. Click to download PDF.

Brookline provides a broad spectrum of services to meet the needs of residents. The support services available to older Brookline residents are so extensive and so far-reaching that they fill a book, quite literally. The formal title of the book is The Elder Resource Guide, but it is widely referred to as the "purple book," because of its purple cover. In this guide -- from A for Adult Health Care, to W for websites – you will find help navigating through the sometimes bewildering array of programs – local, state and federal – that are of value to older people.

The seventh edition, published in May 2015, includes updates to all 65 resources in the sixth edition and new sections on Companionship/Friendly Visitors, Partners in Care: REAP ( Retirement Engagement Alternatives Program), and Pet Care.

Aid helping womon reach higher shelf To get a copy of The Elder Resource Guide:
  • write to the Brookline Council on Aging, 93 Winchester Street, Brookline MA 02446,
  • call 617-730-2777, or
  • click here to download the Guide in PDF format.

The top of this page contains links, drawn from that Guide, to websites that can provide more information on Brookline’s network of support services.