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Email Addresses

Addresses are in the form There is no email inbox. Email sent to these addresses will be forwarded to one or more real addresses.

Last updated 12/31/2020.

Email Addressed to: Will be sent to:
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(Sandy Spector**)
[catchall address] *

* is a catchall address. Email addressed to will go to Ruthann and John where XXX can be anything that isn't already defined.

** Email address withheld for privacy.

Livable Community Advocacy Committee names and email addresses:

Patricia Ahlin <>,
Michael Allen <>,
Michael Allen <>,
Susan Alport <>,
Susan Alport <>,
Roger Blood <>,
Carol Caro <>,
Carol Caro <>,
Susan Cohen <>,
Harvey Cohen <>,
Mary Lou Crimmins <>,
Ruthann Dobek <>,
Jerald Feuer <>,
Marion Freedman-Gurspan <>,
Susan Granoff <>,
John Harris <>,
Lydia Kaufman <>,
Marianne Lee <>,
David Lescohier <>,
Mary McShane <>,
Linda Okun <>,
Rose Rothstein <>,
John Seay <>,
Carol Seibert <>,
Vera Sharma <>,
Ruthann Sneider <>,
Stanley Spiegel <>,
Melissa Trevvett <>,
David Trevvett <>,
Matthew Weiss <>,
Matthew Weiss <>,
Nancy White <>,
Nancy White <>,
Roberta Winitzer <>,
Henry Winkelman <>

Annual meeting dates

  1. 27 July 2011, Wednesday, 5 6:30pm, BrooklineCAN reception
  2. 18 July 2012, Wednesday, 5 6:30pm, BCAN Welcoming Reception
  3. 16 September 2013, Monday, 5 8pm, BrooklineCAN annual meeting
  4. 17 September 2014, Wednesday, 5 7pm, BrooklineCAN annual meeting
  5. 17 September 2015, Thursday, 5 7pm, BrooklineCAN Annual Meeting
  6. 15 September 2016, Thursday, 5 7pm, BrooklineCAN Annual Meeting
  7. 14 September 2017, Thursday, 5 7pm, BrooklineCAN Annual Meeting and Reception
  8. 13 September 2018, Thursday, 5 7pm, BrooklineCAN Annual Meeting
  9. 19 September 2019, Thursday, 5 7pm, BrooklineCAN Annual Meeting
  10. 10 September 2020, Thursday, 6pm, Expanding the Supply of Senior Housing in Brookline: A Virtual Forum